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NetworkInfoProvider Interface

Your application should monitor the internet connection and notify the Engine of changes in the status using the NetworkInfoProvider interface. The Engine uses this information to adjust its behavior, including tearing down the connection to Alexa cloud when your application reports that it has no connection to the internet. Although using NetworkInfoProvider is optional, you should use it so the Engine can avoid undesirable behavior; for instance, attempting to send events to Alexa when the lack of connectivity means the events are bound to fail.

Note: You must use the NetworkInfoProvider interface if your application uses the Local Voice Control (LVC) extension.

Various Engine components want the initial network status at startup so they can adapt their initial behavior accordingly. Your application should subscribe to the NetworkInfoProvider.GetNetworkStatus and NetworkInfoProvider.GetWifiSignalStrength messages to answer the initial query from the Engine. These messages are synchronous-style and require your application to send the corresponding reply messages right away.

At runtime, publish the NetworkInfoProvider.NetworkStatusChanged message to notify the Engine of any status changes.