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Auto SDK Android Developer Guide

Use the Android developer documentation to understand how to set up, build, and integrate Alexa into your Android In-Vehicle Infotainment system. Refer to Alexa Auto App to get started.

Alexa Auto App

The Alexa Auto App is an Android application that runs on your vehicle's head unit. The app enables the user to select Alexa as an alternative to another voice assistant and configure the way the user interacts with Alexa. The app also allows Alexa and another application to run simultaneously.

This document provides conceptual information about the purpose and features of the Alexa Auto App. It provides the steps for building the app and setting up Alexa. It also describes the user experience when the user interacts with Alexa when the app is running.

>> Alexa Auto App

App components

The App Components are the Android modules that make up the core features of the Alexa Auto App.

>> App Components

AACS overview

Alexa Auto Client Service (AACS) is an Alexa Auto SDK wrapper in an Android archive library (AAR). It provides the common Alexa service framework that the Alexa Auto App is built on top of, and allows the app to be configured for certain allowlisted Alexa Auto experiences.

>> Alexa Auto Client Service

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