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MediaPlaybackRequestor Interface

Alexa Media-Resume is a feature that helps Alexa play customers’ favorite content when they start their Alexa-enabled vehicles. Media-resume simplifies the content selection and playing process for customers, removing the need for them to use dash touch buttons or to ask Alexa. To resume the media, Alexa auto SDK needs to send RequestMediaPlayback event with the Invocation reason AUTOMOTIVE_STARTUP. To implement a handler, extend the aace::alexa::MediaPlaybackRequestor class:

#include <AACE/Alexa/MediaPlaybackRequestor.h>
class MediaPlaybackRequestorHandler : public aace::alexa::MediaPlaybackRequestor {
    void mediaPlaybackResponse(MediaPlaybackRequestStatus mediaPlaybackRequestStatus) override {
        //Handle the status change

// Register the platform interface with the Engine
engine->registerPlatformInterface( std::make_shared<MediaPlaybackRequestorHandler>());

requestMediaPlayback is the API to send the event to the cloud. This API needs InvocationReason and elapsedBootTime as input parameters.

mediaPlaybackResponse callback receives the status of the requestMediaPlayback API call asynchronously.

InvocationReason enum indicates the invocation reason for calling the event. AUTOMOTIVE_STARTUP represents a situation where platform automatically calls requestMediaPlayback API to automatically resume the media after infotainment system reboot. EXPLICIT_USER_ACTION represents resuming the media after explicit driver action by pressing the button or switch. Music resuming on EXPLICIT_USER_ACTION is not yet supported and this will be enabled in the future. Please check with your partner manager before using this action.

MediaPlaybackRequestStatus enum indicate the status of the requestMediaPlayback API call. SUCCESS means RequestMediaPlayback event is successfully reported to the cloud. FAILED_CAN_RETRY means requestMediaPlayback API call can not be processed because Alexa Auto SDK is not in the connected state but platform implementation can retry after some time. FAILED_TIMEOUT means threshold time is crossed and media can not be resumed now. Driver can play media by making a voice request. ERROR means API could not be called successfully and media can not be resumed.

This feature needs following configuration. Please contact to your partner manager for finalizing the threshold numbers.

"aace.alexa": {
    "requestMediaPlayback": {
      "mediaResumeThreshold": 30000
mediaResumeThreshold is the maximum time in milliseconds to receive the requestMediaPlayback API call from the platform implementation. Platform implementation should consider their boot time, time to initialize alexa and get connected to send the RequestMediaPlayback event successfully. Platform team and partner manager should try to keep this time minimum for the better user experience. Delayed media resume can surprise driver and result in driver distraction.

Note: This feature assumes that client platform maintains the media sessions and request individual media applications to resume playback if that media application was active and playing before the device shuts down.

Note: requestMediaPlayback API call expects a elapsed boot time i.e. number of milliseconds elapsed from the device boot up. This feature assumes that client platform provides the correct value using their proprietary methods. The mediaResumeThreshold value and elapsedBootTime value are compared together for the guardrail condition.

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