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AudioPlayer Interface

When an audio media stream is received from Alexa, it is the responsibility of the platform implementation to play the stream in a platform-specific media player. The aace::alexa::AudioPlayer class informs the platform of the changes in player state being tracked by the Engine. This can be used to update the platform GUI, for example.

To implement a custom handler for audio player output, extend the AudioPlayer class:

#include <AACE/Alexa/AudioPlayer.h>
class MyAudioPlayer : public aace::alexa::AudioPlayer {
        void playerActivityChanged( PlayerActivity state ) override {
            // on state change, update playback control UI

// Register the platform interface with the Engine
auto myAudioPlayer = std::make_shared<MyAudioPlayer>();
engine->registerPlatformInterface( myAudioPlayer );

View media metadata on screen with TemplateRuntime

Your application subscribes to the TemplateRuntime.RenderPlayerInfo AASB message to receive metadata about the active media playback for you to display. See the TemplateRuntime AVS documentation for details about the payload.

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