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alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory Class Reference

#include <TimingAdapterFactory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TimingAdapterFactory (std::shared_ptr< DelayInterface > delayInterface=nullptr)
virtual ~TimingAdapterFactory ()=default
virtual std::shared_ptr< CaptionTimingAdapterInterfacegetTimingAdapter (std::shared_ptr< CaptionPresenterInterface > presenter) const

Detailed Description

Generator class to produce instances of CaptionTimingAdapter on demand.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimingAdapterFactory()

alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory::TimingAdapterFactory ( std::shared_ptr< DelayInterface delayInterface = nullptr)


delayInterfaceThe timing interface that is used to delay calls to the presenter. Defaults to a call to the std::this_thread::sleep_for function. Override this value if custom timing is desired.

◆ ~TimingAdapterFactory()

virtual alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory::~TimingAdapterFactory ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ getTimingAdapter()

std::shared_ptr< CaptionTimingAdapterInterface > alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory::getTimingAdapter ( std::shared_ptr< CaptionPresenterInterface presenter) const

Factory function that returns ready-to-use timing adapters.

presenterThe presenter instance to be used when producing timing adapters.
an instance of CaptionTimingAdapter as a std::shared_ptr.

Reimplemented in alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory.

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