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alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory Class Reference

#include <TestTimingAdapterFactory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TestTimingAdapterFactory ()
 ~TestTimingAdapterFactory ()
std::shared_ptr< MockCaptionTimingAdaptergetMockTimingAdapter ()
CaptionParserInterface methods
std::shared_ptr< CaptionTimingAdapterInterfacegetTimingAdapter (std::shared_ptr< CaptionPresenterInterface > presenter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory
 TimingAdapterFactory (std::shared_ptr< DelayInterface > delayInterface=nullptr)
virtual ~TimingAdapterFactory ()=default

Detailed Description

A concrete implementation of TimingAdapterFactory that returns a MockCaptionTimingAdapter that is known ahead of time for testing purposes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TestTimingAdapterFactory()

alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory::TestTimingAdapterFactory ( )

◆ ~TestTimingAdapterFactory()

alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory::~TestTimingAdapterFactory ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMockTimingAdapter()

std::shared_ptr< MockCaptionTimingAdapter > alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory::getMockTimingAdapter ( )

Getter for the mock timing adapter that would be returned by the TimingAdapterFactory instance. If the mock adapter is null, then one is created and then returned. This function is provided so that the EXPECT_CALL can be used on the mock that is later going to be used by the getTimingAdapter function.

The mock timing adapter.

◆ getTimingAdapter()

std::shared_ptr< CaptionTimingAdapterInterface > alexaClientSDK::captions::test::TestTimingAdapterFactory::getTimingAdapter ( std::shared_ptr< CaptionPresenterInterface presenter) const

Factory function that returns ready-to-use timing adapters.

presenterThe presenter instance to be used when producing timing adapters.
an instance of CaptionTimingAdapter as a std::shared_ptr.

Reimplemented from alexaClientSDK::captions::TimingAdapterFactory.

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