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gmock_output_test Namespace Reference


class  GMockOutputTest


def ToUnixLineEnding (s)
def RemoveReportHeaderAndFooter (output)
def RemoveLocations (output)
def NormalizeErrorMarker (output)
def RemoveMemoryAddresses (output)
def RemoveTestNamesOfLeakedMocks (output)
def GetLeakyTests (output)
def GetNormalizedOutputAndLeakyTests (output)
def GetShellCommandOutput (cmd)
def GetNormalizedCommandOutputAndLeakyTests (cmd)


string GENGOLDEN_FLAG = '--gengolden'
 PROGRAM_PATH = gmock_test_utils.GetTestExecutablePath('gmock_output_test_')
list COMMAND = [PROGRAM_PATH, '--gtest_stack_trace_depth=0', '--gtest_print_time=0']
string GOLDEN_NAME = 'gmock_output_test_golden.txt'
 GOLDEN_PATH = os.path.join(gmock_test_utils.GetSourceDir(), GOLDEN_NAME)
 golden_file = open(GOLDEN_PATH, 'wb')

Function Documentation

◆ GetLeakyTests()

def gmock_output_test.GetLeakyTests (   output)
Returns a list of test names that leak mock objects.

◆ GetNormalizedCommandOutputAndLeakyTests()

def gmock_output_test.GetNormalizedCommandOutputAndLeakyTests (   cmd)
Runs a command and returns its normalized output and a list of leaky tests.

  cmd:  the shell command.

◆ GetNormalizedOutputAndLeakyTests()

def gmock_output_test.GetNormalizedOutputAndLeakyTests (   output)
Normalizes the output of gmock_output_test_.

  output: The test output.

  A tuple (the normalized test output, the list of test names that have
  leaked mocks).

◆ GetShellCommandOutput()

def gmock_output_test.GetShellCommandOutput (   cmd)
Runs a command in a sub-process, and returns its STDOUT in a string.

◆ NormalizeErrorMarker()

def gmock_output_test.NormalizeErrorMarker (   output)
Normalizes the error marker, which is different on Windows vs on Linux.

◆ RemoveLocations()

def gmock_output_test.RemoveLocations (   output)
Removes all file location info from a Google Test program's output.

     output:  the output of a Google Test program.

     output with all file location info (in the form of
     'DIRECTORY\\FILE_NAME(LINE_NUMBER): ') replaced by
     'FILE:#: '.

◆ RemoveMemoryAddresses()

def gmock_output_test.RemoveMemoryAddresses (   output)
Removes memory addresses from the test output.

◆ RemoveReportHeaderAndFooter()

def gmock_output_test.RemoveReportHeaderAndFooter (   output)
Removes Google Test result report's header and footer from the output.

◆ RemoveTestNamesOfLeakedMocks()

def gmock_output_test.RemoveTestNamesOfLeakedMocks (   output)
Removes the test names of leaked mock objects from the test output.

◆ ToUnixLineEnding()

def gmock_output_test.ToUnixLineEnding (   s)
Changes all Windows/Mac line endings in s to UNIX line endings.

Variable Documentation


list gmock_output_test.COMMAND = [PROGRAM_PATH, '--gtest_stack_trace_depth=0', '--gtest_print_time=0']


string gmock_output_test.GENGOLDEN_FLAG = '--gengolden'

◆ golden_file

gmock_output_test.golden_file = open(GOLDEN_PATH, 'wb')


string gmock_output_test.GOLDEN_NAME = 'gmock_output_test_golden.txt'


gmock_output_test.GOLDEN_PATH = os.path.join(gmock_test_utils.GetSourceDir(), GOLDEN_NAME)

◆ output



gmock_output_test.PROGRAM_PATH = gmock_test_utils.GetTestExecutablePath('gmock_output_test_')

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