AlexaClientSDK  3.0.0
A cross-platform, modular SDK for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service
common Namespace Reference


def GetCommandOutput (command)
def GetSvnInfo ()
def GetSvnTrunk ()
def IsInGTestSvn ()
def IsInGMockSvn ()

Function Documentation

◆ GetCommandOutput()

def common.GetCommandOutput (   command)
Runs the shell command and returns its stdout as a list of lines.

◆ GetSvnInfo()

def common.GetSvnInfo ( )
Returns the project name and the current SVN workspace's root path.

◆ GetSvnTrunk()

def common.GetSvnTrunk ( )
Returns the current SVN workspace's trunk root path.

◆ IsInGMockSvn()

def common.IsInGMockSvn ( )

◆ IsInGTestSvn()

def common.IsInGTestSvn ( )

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