AlexaClientSDK  3.0.0
A cross-platform, modular SDK for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service
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android_test Namespace Reference


def run_test (args)
def parse ()
def process_inputs (inputs_folder, inputs)
def parse_output (output)


 FNULL = open(devnull, 'w')
string SEPARATOR = '/'
def args = parse()
def output = run_test(args)
def ret_value = parse_output(output)

Function Documentation

◆ parse()

def android_test.parse ( )
Parse arguments.

◆ parse_output()

def android_test.parse_output (   output)
Extract test return value and print the test output.

◆ process_inputs()

def android_test.process_inputs (   inputs_folder,
Process the inputs passed to the test.

If the input is an existing file or directory, upload it to the device and
use the new location as argument.

◆ run_test()

def android_test.run_test (   args)
Upload and run the test on the device.

Variable Documentation

◆ args

def android_test.args = parse()


android_test.FNULL = open(devnull, 'w')

◆ output

def android_test.output = run_test(args)

◆ ret_value

def android_test.ret_value = parse_output(output)


string android_test.SEPARATOR = '/'

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