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alexaClientSDK::playlistParser Namespace Reference




class  ContentDecrypter
class  FFMpegInputBuffer
class  Id3TagsRemover
class  IterativePlaylistParser
struct  M3UContent
 A struct used to encapsulate information retrieved from an M3U playlist. More...
struct  PlayItem
class  PlaylistParser
class  UrlContentToAttachmentConverter
 Class that handles the streaming of urls containing media into Attachments. More...


typedef std::vector< unsigned char > ByteVector
 Alias for bytes. More...


bool isPlaylistExtendedM3U (const std::string &playlistContent)
M3UContent parseM3UContent (const std::string &playlistURL, const std::string &content)
avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::EncryptionInfo parseHLSEncryptionLine (const std::string &line, const std::string &baseURL)
long parsePlaylistMediaSequence (const std::string &line)
avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::ByteRange parseHLSByteRangeLine (const std::string &line)
avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::PlaylistEntry parseHLSMapLine (const std::string &line, const std::string &baseURL)
std::vector< std::string > parsePLSContent (const std::string &playlistURL, const std::string &content)
void removeCarriageReturnFromLine (std::string *line)
bool readFromContentFetcher (std::unique_ptr< avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::HTTPContentFetcherInterface > contentFetcher, std::string *content, std::atomic< bool > *shouldShutDown, std::string *playlistURL)
bool isURLAbsolute (const std::string &url)
bool getAbsoluteURLFromRelativePathToURL (std::string baseURL, std::string relativePath, std::string *absoluteURL)


static constexpr long INVALID_MEDIA_SEQUENCE = -1
 An invalid media sequence number. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ ByteVector

typedef std::vector<unsigned char> alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::ByteVector

Alias for bytes.

Function Documentation

◆ getAbsoluteURLFromRelativePathToURL()

bool alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::getAbsoluteURLFromRelativePathToURL ( std::string  baseURL,
std::string  relativePath,
std::string *  absoluteURL 

Creates an absolute url, given a base url and a relative path from that url. For example, if "" was the base url and the relative path was "music.mp3", "" would be returned.

baseURLThe base url to add the relative path to.
relativePathThe relative path to add to the base url.
[out]absoluteURLThe absolute url generated
true If everything was successful and false otherwise.

◆ isPlaylistExtendedM3U()

bool alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::isPlaylistExtendedM3U ( const std::string &  playlistContent)

Determines the playlist type of an M3U playlist.

playlistContentThe M3U playlist in std::string format.
true if the playlist is extended M3U or false otherwise

◆ isURLAbsolute()

bool alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::isURLAbsolute ( const std::string &  url)

Determines whether the provided url is an absolute url as opposed to a relative url. This is done by simply checking to see if the string contains the substring "://".

urlThe url to check.
true if the url is an absolute url and false otherwise.

◆ parseHLSByteRangeLine()

avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::ByteRange alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parseHLSByteRangeLine ( const std::string &  line)

Parses #EXT-X-BYTERANGE line of HLS playlist and returns ByteRange.

lineThe line to parse.
Returns ByteRange - {start, end}.

◆ parseHLSEncryptionLine()

avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::EncryptionInfo alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parseHLSEncryptionLine ( const std::string &  line,
const std::string &  baseURL 

Parses #EXT-X-KEY line of HLS playlist and returns EncryptionInfo.

lineThe line to parse.
baseURLThe URL of the playlist.
Returns EncryptionInfo.

◆ parseHLSMapLine()

avsCommon::utils::playlistParser::PlaylistEntry alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parseHLSMapLine ( const std::string &  line,
const std::string &  baseURL 

Parses #EXT-X-MAP line of HLS playlist and returns PlaylistEntry.

lineThe line to parse.
baseURLThe url of the playlist.
Returns PlaylistEntry.

◆ parseM3UContent()

M3UContent alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parseM3UContent ( const std::string &  playlistURL,
const std::string &  content 

Parses an M3U playlist and returns the "children" URLs in the order they appeared in the playlist.

playlistURLThe URL of the M3U playlist that needs to be parsed.
contentText content of the downloaded M3U playlist to parse.
M3UContent which contains parsed list of variant URLs (for master playlist) OR list of @ Playlist (for media playlist).

◆ parsePlaylistMediaSequence()

long alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parsePlaylistMediaSequence ( const std::string &  line)

Helper method that parses the media sequence field. This method assumes that the line passed begins with the media sequence tag.

lineThe line to be parsed.
The media sequence value or INVALID_MEDIA_SEQUENCE if any issue happened during parsing.

◆ parsePLSContent()

std::vector<std::string> alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::parsePLSContent ( const std::string &  playlistURL,
const std::string &  content 

Parses an PLS playlist and returns the "children" URLs in the order they appeared in the playlist.

contentThe content to parse.
A vector of URLs in the order they appeared in the playlist.

◆ readFromContentFetcher()

bool alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::readFromContentFetcher ( std::unique_ptr< avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::HTTPContentFetcherInterface contentFetcher,
std::string *  content,
std::atomic< bool > *  shouldShutDown,
std::string *  playlistURL 

Retrieves playlist content and stores it into a string.

contentFetcherObject used to retrieve url content.
[out]contentThe playlist content.
shouldShutDownA pointer to allow for the caller to cancel the content retrieval asynchronously
[out]playlistURLA pointer to the playlist url. This will be updated in case the last used URL to fetch the content is different.
true if no error occured or false otherwise.
This function should be used to retrieve content specifically from playlist URLs. Attempting to use this on a media URL could be blocking forever as the URL might point to a live stream.

◆ removeCarriageReturnFromLine()

void alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::removeCarriageReturnFromLine ( std::string *  line)

Removes a carriage return from the end of a line. This is required to handle Windows style line breaks ('
'). std::getline reads by default up to '
' so at times, the '' may be included when readinglines.

lineThe line to parse

Variable Documentation


constexpr long alexaClientSDK::playlistParser::INVALID_MEDIA_SEQUENCE = -1

An invalid media sequence number.

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