AlexaClientSDK  1.25.0
A cross-platform, modular SDK for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service
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alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal Namespace Reference


class  AbstractPointerCache
class  AbstractRecipe
struct  ContainsTupleTypes
struct  ContainsTupleTypes< std::tuple< ContainerTypes... >, std::tuple< TupleTypes... > >
struct  ContainsType
struct  ContainsType< std::tuple< ContainedTypes... >, Type >
struct  ContainsTypes
struct  ContainsTypes< Container, Types... >
class  CookBook
struct  DedupTypes
struct  DefaultValues
struct  DefaultValues< OptionalImport< Type >, Types... >
struct  DefaultValues< Type, Types... >
struct  DefaultValues<>
struct  Fold
struct  FoldTupleTypes
class  Foo
struct  GetImportsAndExports
struct  HasRequiredImport
struct  IsImport
struct  IsImport< Import< Type > >
struct  IsImport< OptionalImport< Type > >
struct  IsImport< Type >
struct  IsRequiredImport
struct  IsRequiredImport< Import< Type > >
struct  IsRequiredImport< Type >
struct  MakeOptional
struct  PrintMissingExport
struct  PrintMissingExport< std::tuple<> >
struct  PrintMissingExport<>
struct  PrintMissingImport
struct  PrintMissingImport< std::tuple<> >
struct  PrintMissingImport<>
struct  RemoveCvref
struct  RemoveTypes
struct  RemoveTypes< std::tuple< Types... >, std::tuple< Unwanted... > >
class  RuntimeManufactory
class  SharedPointerCache
struct  TypeIndex
class  WeakPointerCache


template<class Type >
using RemoveCvref_t = typename RemoveCvref< Type >::type


template<typename Type >
TypeIndex getTypeIndex ()
template<typename Type >
void logTypeIndex (const std::string &name)
static const std::string TAG ("Cookbook")
 String to identify log entries originating from this file. More...
 TEST (ManufactoryUtilsTest, manufactoryUtilsFunctions)

Typedef Documentation

◆ RemoveCvref_t

template<class Type >
using alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal::RemoveCvref_t = typedef typename RemoveCvref<Type>::type

Template type to remove const, volatile and reference qualifiers from a type.

Function Documentation

◆ getTypeIndex()

template<typename Type >
TypeIndex alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal::getTypeIndex ( )

Get the TypeIndex value for Type.

Template Parameters
TypeThe type for which to create a TypeIndex value.

◆ logTypeIndex()

template<typename Type >
void alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal::logTypeIndex ( const std::string &  name)

Utility function to log a name for a given type. This can be useful when TypeIndex<Type>::getName() does not return a string that is easy to correlate with C++ type names.

Template Parameters
TypeThe type to log
nameThe name ot log for the type.

◆ TAG()

static const std::string alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal::TAG ( "Cookbook"  )

String to identify log entries originating from this file.

◆ TEST()

alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::internal::TEST ( ManufactoryUtilsTest  ,

Function used to invoke compile time utilities.

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