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gtest-printers.h File Reference
#include <ostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "gtest/internal/gtest-port.h"
#include "gtest/internal/gtest-internal.h"
#include "gtest/internal/custom/gtest-printers.h"
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class  testing::internal2::TypeWithoutFormatter< T, kTypeKind >
class  testing::internal2::TypeWithoutFormatter< T, kProtobuf >
class  testing::internal2::TypeWithoutFormatter< T, kConvertibleToInteger >
class  testing::internal::FormatForComparison< ToPrint, OtherOperand >
class  testing::internal::FormatForComparison< ToPrint[N], OtherOperand >
class  testing::internal::UniversalPrinter< T >
class  testing::internal::UniversalPrinter< T >
class  testing::internal::UniversalPrinter< T[N]>
class  testing::internal::UniversalPrinter< T & >
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< T >
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< T & >
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< T[N]>
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< const char * >
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< char * >
class  testing::internal::UniversalTersePrinter< wchar_t * >
struct  testing::internal::TuplePolicy< TupleT >




#define GTEST_IMPL_FORMAT_C_STRING_AS_STRING_(CharType, OtherStringType)


typedef ::std::vector< string > testing::internal::Strings


enum  testing::internal2::TypeKind { testing::internal2::kProtobuf, testing::internal2::kConvertibleToInteger, testing::internal2::kOtherType }


GTEST_API_ void testing::internal2::PrintBytesInObjectTo (const unsigned char *obj_bytes, size_t count, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename Char , typename CharTraits , typename T >
::std::basic_ostream< Char, CharTraits > & testing::internal2::operator<< (::std::basic_ostream< Char, CharTraits > &os, const T &x)
template<typename T >
void testing_internal::DefaultPrintNonContainerTo (const T &value, ::std::ostream *os)
 testing::internal::GTEST_IMPL_FORMAT_C_STRING_AS_POINTER_ (char)
 testing::internal::GTEST_IMPL_FORMAT_C_STRING_AS_POINTER_ (wchar_t)
 testing::internal::GTEST_IMPL_FORMAT_C_STRING_AS_STRING_ (char, ::std::string)
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
std::string testing::internal::FormatForComparisonFailureMessage (const T1 &value, const T2 &)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::UniversalPrint (const T &value, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename C >
void testing::internal::DefaultPrintTo (IsContainer, false_type, const C &container, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::DefaultPrintTo (IsNotContainer, true_type, T *p, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::DefaultPrintTo (IsNotContainer, false_type, const T &value, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::PrintTo (const T &value, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintTo (unsigned char c, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintTo (signed char c, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (char c, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (bool x, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintTo (wchar_t wc, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintTo (const char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (const signed char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (signed char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (const unsigned char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (unsigned char *s, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintTo (const wchar_t *s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (wchar_t *s, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::PrintRawArrayTo (const T a[], size_t count, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::PrintStringTo (const ::std::string &s, ::std::ostream *os)
void testing::internal::PrintTo (const ::std::string &s, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
void testing::internal::PrintTo (const ::std::pair< T1, T2 > &value, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::UniversalPrintArray (const T *begin, size_t len, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::UniversalPrintArray (const char *begin, size_t len, ::std::ostream *os)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::UniversalPrintArray (const wchar_t *begin, size_t len, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
void testing::internal::UniversalTersePrint (const T &value, ::std::ostream *os)
template<typename T >
::std::string testing::PrintToString (const T &value)


const size_t testing::internal2::kProtobufOneLinerMaxLength = 50

Macro Definition Documentation


template <typename OtherOperand> \
class FormatForComparison<CharType*, OtherOperand> { \
public: \
static ::std::string Format(CharType* value) { \
return ::testing::PrintToString(static_cast<const void*>(value)); \
} \
::std::string PrintToString(const T &value)
Definition: gtest-printers.h:980
::std::string string
Definition: gtest-port.h:1097


template <> \
class FormatForComparison<CharType*, OtherStringType> { \
public: \
static ::std::string Format(CharType* value) { \
} \
::std::string PrintToString(const T &value)
Definition: gtest-printers.h:980
::std::string string
Definition: gtest-port.h:1097

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