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testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointNearTest< RawType > Class Template Reference
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Protected Types

typedef FloatingPointTest< RawType > ParentType
- Protected Types inherited from testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointTest< RawType >
typedef testing::internal::FloatingPoint< RawType > Floating
typedef Floating::Bits Bits

Protected Member Functions

void TestNearMatches (testing::internal::FloatingEqMatcher< RawType >(*matcher_maker)(RawType, RawType))
- Protected Member Functions inherited from testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointTest< RawType >
 FloatingPointTest ()
void TestSize ()
void TestMatches (testing::internal::FloatingEqMatcher< RawType >(*matcher_maker)(RawType))
- Protected Member Functions inherited from testing::Test
 Test ()
virtual void SetUp ()
virtual void TearDown ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from testing::Test
typedef internal::SetUpTestCaseFunc SetUpTestCaseFunc
typedef internal::TearDownTestCaseFunc TearDownTestCaseFunc
- Public Member Functions inherited from testing::Test
virtual ~Test ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from testing::Test
static void SetUpTestCase ()
static void TearDownTestCase ()
static bool HasFatalFailure ()
static bool HasNonfatalFailure ()
static bool HasFailure ()
static void RecordProperty (const std::string &key, const std::string &value)
static void RecordProperty (const std::string &key, int value)
- Protected Attributes inherited from testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointTest< RawType >
const size_t max_ulps_
const Bits zero_bits_
const Bits one_bits_
const Bits infinity_bits_
const RawType close_to_positive_zero_
const RawType close_to_negative_zero_
const RawType further_from_negative_zero_
const RawType close_to_one_
const RawType further_from_one_
const RawType infinity_
const RawType close_to_infinity_
const RawType further_from_infinity_
const RawType max_
const RawType nan1_
const RawType nan2_

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParentType

template<typename RawType >
typedef FloatingPointTest<RawType> testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointNearTest< RawType >::ParentType

Member Function Documentation

◆ TestNearMatches()

template<typename RawType >
void testing::gmock_matchers_test::FloatingPointNearTest< RawType >::TestNearMatches ( testing::internal::FloatingEqMatcher< RawType >(*)(RawType, RawType)  matcher_maker)

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