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gtest_test_utils.Subprocess Class Reference

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def __init__ (self, command, working_dir=None, capture_stderr=True, env=None)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def gtest_test_utils.Subprocess.__init__ (   self,
  working_dir = None,
  capture_stderr = True,
  env = None 
Changes into a specified directory, if provided, and executes a command.

Restores the old directory afterwards.

  command:        The command to run, in the form of sys.argv.
  working_dir:    The directory to change into.
  capture_stderr: Determines whether to capture stderr in the output member
              or to discard it.
  env:            Dictionary with environment to pass to the subprocess.

  An object that represents outcome of the executed process. It has the
  following attributes:
terminated_by_signal   True iff the child process has been terminated
                       by a signal.
signal                 Sygnal that terminated the child process.
exited                 True iff the child process exited normally.
exit_code              The code with which the child process exited.
output                 Child process's stdout and stderr output
                       combined in a string.

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