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alexaClientSDK::captions::LibwebvttParserAdapter Class Reference

#include <LibwebvttParserAdapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

CaptionParserInterface methods
void parse (CaptionFrame::MediaPlayerSourceId captionId, const CaptionData &captionData) override
void addListener (std::shared_ptr< CaptionFrameParseListenerInterface > parseListener) override
void releaseResourcesFor (CaptionFrame::MediaPlayerSourceId captionId) override
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virtual ~CaptionParserInterface ()=default

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< LibwebvttParserAdaptergetInstance ()

Detailed Description

A singleton implementation of the CaptionParserInterface, specified to work with the libwebvtt parsing library found at:

Member Function Documentation

◆ addListener()

void alexaClientSDK::captions::LibwebvttParserAdapter::addListener ( std::shared_ptr< CaptionFrameParseListenerInterface parseListener)

Gives the caption parsing implementation a handle to a listener so that it can be notified when CaptionData objects have been parsed.

parseListenerthe CaptionFrameParseListenerInterface instance which can receive the parsed objects.

Implements alexaClientSDK::captions::CaptionParserInterface.

◆ getInstance()

std::shared_ptr< LibwebvttParserAdapter > alexaClientSDK::captions::LibwebvttParserAdapter::getInstance ( )

Return the singleton instance of LibwebvttParserAdapter.

The singleton instance of LibwebvttParserAdapter.

◆ parse()

void alexaClientSDK::captions::LibwebvttParserAdapter::parse ( CaptionFrame::MediaPlayerSourceId  captionId,
const CaptionData captionData 

Start parsing the provided raw caption data. The captionId that is received here should be retained and passed along with the parsed result to the CaptionFrameParseListenerInterface. This is to keep track of which incoming CaptionData go with the outgoing parsed CaptionFrames.

captionIdThe identifier for the incoming caption data.
captionDatathe raw, un-processed caption to parse.

Implements alexaClientSDK::captions::CaptionParserInterface.

◆ releaseResourcesFor()

void alexaClientSDK::captions::LibwebvttParserAdapter::releaseResourcesFor ( CaptionFrame::MediaPlayerSourceId  captionId)

Notify the parser that resources related to this caption ID are no longer needed and can be safely released. This function might be a no-op, depending on the caption parser implementation, but is provided in case static resources are maintained between parse requests, such as if callback functions are used to communicate with the parser.

captionIdthe ID corresponding with the resources that should be freed, should a value that was previously received with the parse() function.

Implements alexaClientSDK::captions::CaptionParserInterface.

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