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alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::Component< Parameters > Class Template Reference

#include <Component.h>

Public Member Functions

template<typename... ComponentAccumulatorParameters>
 Component (ComponentAccumulator< ComponentAccumulatorParameters... > &&componentAccumulator)

Detailed Description

template<typename... Parameters>
class alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::Component< Parameters >

The Component class encapsulates code that exports (i.e. provides an implementation) of one or more interfaces and which imports (depends upon) zero or more interfaces.

Template Parameters
ParametersThe set of interfaces exported and imported by this Component (imported types are tagged by wrapping them in Import<Type>)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Component()

template<typename... Parameters>
template<typename... ComponentAccumulatorParameters>
alexaClientSDK::acsdkManufactory::Component< Parameters >::Component ( ComponentAccumulator< ComponentAccumulatorParameters... > &&  componentAccumulator)

Construct a Component from a ComponentAccumulator.

Note that the implementation of this constructor performs compile time validation that:

  • All unsatisfied imported types in ComponentAccumulatorParameters are declared as Import<Type> in Parameters.
  • All exports specified in Parameters are also found as exports in ComponentAccumulatorParameters.
Template Parameters
ComponentAccumulatorParametersThe interfaces potentially exported by the new Component as well as any interfaces required by the new component (tagged via Import<Type>).
componentAccumulatorThe ComponentAccumulator providing the specification of the new Component.

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