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alexaClientSDK::acl::PingHandler Class Reference

#include <PingHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~PingHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::acl::ExchangeHandler
 ExchangeHandler (std::shared_ptr< ExchangeHandlerContextInterface > context, const std::string &authToken)
virtual ~ExchangeHandler ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::utils::http2::HTTP2RequestSourceInterface
virtual ~HTTP2RequestSourceInterface ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::utils::http2::HTTP2ResponseSinkInterface
virtual ~HTTP2ResponseSinkInterface ()=default

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< PingHandlercreate (std::shared_ptr< ExchangeHandlerContextInterface > context, const std::string &authToken, const std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::utils::power::PowerResource > &powerResource=nullptr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from alexaClientSDK::acl::ExchangeHandler
std::shared_ptr< ExchangeHandlerContextInterfacem_context
 The HTTP2Transport instance for which this exchange is to be performed. More...
const std::string m_authToken
 The auth token used to make the request. More...
const std::string m_authHeader
 The AVS authorization header to send in the request. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PingHandler()

alexaClientSDK::acl::PingHandler::~PingHandler ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static std::shared_ptr<PingHandler> alexaClientSDK::acl::PingHandler::create ( std::shared_ptr< ExchangeHandlerContextInterface context,
const std::string &  authToken,
const std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::utils::power::PowerResource > &  powerResource = nullptr 

Create a PingHandler and send the ping request.

contextThe ExchangeContext in which this ping handler will operate.
authTokenThe token to use to authorize the request.
powerResourceThe optional powerResource object to prevent the device from going into LPM.
A new PingHandler or nullptr if the operation fails.

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