Alexa Auto SDK  4.3
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aace::alexa::DoNotDisturb Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void setDoNotDisturb (const bool doNotDisturb)=0
bool doNotDisturbChanged (const bool doNotDisturb)

Detailed Description

DoNotDisturb should be extended to handle receiving state changes from the engine, and for sending state change events for the Do Not Disturb Setting. For more information about Do Not Disturb see the interface overview:

This platform interface is deprecated. Use the Alexa Auto Services Bridge (AASB) message broker to publish and subscribe to AASB messages instead.
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◆ setDoNotDisturb()

virtual void aace::alexa::DoNotDisturb::setDoNotDisturb ( const bool  doNotDisturb)
pure virtual

Handle setting of DND directive.

[in]doNotDisturbsetting state

◆ doNotDisturbChanged()

bool aace::alexa::DoNotDisturb::doNotDisturbChanged ( const bool  doNotDisturb)

Notifies the Engine of a platform request to set the DND State

[in]doNotDisturbsetting state
true if successful, false if change was rejected

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