Alexa Auto SDK  4.3
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aace::core::MessageBroker Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void publish (const std::string &message)=0
virtual void subscribe (MessageHandler handler, const std::string &topic="", const std::string &action="")=0
virtual std::shared_ptr< MessageStream > openStream (const std::string &streamId, MessageStream::Mode mode)=0

Detailed Description

MessageBroker should be extended to handle sending and receiving messages to and from the Engine.

Member Function Documentation

◆ publish()

virtual void aace::core::MessageBroker::publish ( const std::string &  message)
pure virtual

Publishes a message to the Engine.

[in]messageThe message.

◆ subscribe()

virtual void aace::core::MessageBroker::subscribe ( MessageHandler  handler,
const std::string &  topic = "",
const std::string &  action = "" 
pure virtual

Subscribes to messages that are sent from the Engine.

[in]handlerThe message handler.
[in]topicMessage topic to subscribe to.
[in]actionMessage action to subscribe to.

◆ openStream()

virtual std::shared_ptr<MessageStream> aace::core::MessageBroker::openStream ( const std::string &  streamId,
MessageStream::Mode  mode 
pure virtual

Opens an message stream that has been registered by the Engine.

[in]streamIdThe id of the stream being opened.
[in]modeThe stream operation @ mode being requested.

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