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alexaClientSDK::acsdkExternalMediaPlayerInterfaces::DiscoveredPlayerInfo Struct Reference

#include <ExternalMediaPlayerCommon.h>

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Public Attributes

ValidationMethod validationMethod
 The validation method used for this player. More...
std::vector< std::string > validationData
- Public Attributes inherited from alexaClientSDK::acsdkExternalMediaPlayerInterfaces::PlayerInfoBase
std::string localPlayerId
 The opaque token that uniquely identifies the local external player app. More...
std::string spiVersion
 The service provider interface (SPI) version. More...

Detailed Description

Describes a discovered external media player app

Member Data Documentation

◆ validationData

std::vector<std::string> alexaClientSDK::acsdkExternalMediaPlayerInterfaces::DiscoveredPlayerInfo::validationData

Validation data :

  1. Device platform issued app signing certificate. A list of certificates may be attached.
  2. In some cases validation is performed locally. The certificate is trasmitted as validationData during discovery to announce the activated app's identity in order to allow app activation to be revoked.
  3. empty

◆ validationMethod

ValidationMethod alexaClientSDK::acsdkExternalMediaPlayerInterfaces::DiscoveredPlayerInfo::validationMethod

The validation method used for this player.

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