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gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def testNonEmptyXmlOutput (self)
def testEmptyXmlOutput (self)
def testTimestampValue (self)
def testDefaultOutputFile (self)
def testSuppressedXmlOutput (self)
def testFilteredTestXmlOutput (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtest_xml_test_utils.GTestXMLTestCase
def AssertEquivalentNodes (self, expected_node, actual_node)
def NormalizeXml (self, element)

Additional Inherited Members

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dictionary identifying_attribute

Detailed Description

Unit test for Google Test's XML output functionality.

Member Function Documentation

◆ testDefaultOutputFile()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testDefaultOutputFile (   self)
Confirms that Google Test produces an XML output file with the expected
default name if no name is explicitly specified.

◆ testEmptyXmlOutput()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testEmptyXmlOutput (   self)
Verifies XML output for a Google Test binary without actual tests.

Runs a test program that generates an empty XML output, and
tests that the XML output is expected.

◆ testFilteredTestXmlOutput()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testFilteredTestXmlOutput (   self)
Verifies XML output when a filter is applied.

Runs a test program that executes only some tests and verifies that
non-selected tests do not show up in the XML output.

◆ testNonEmptyXmlOutput()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testNonEmptyXmlOutput (   self)
Runs a test program that generates a non-empty XML output, and
tests that the XML output is expected.

◆ testSuppressedXmlOutput()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testSuppressedXmlOutput (   self)
Tests that no XML file is generated if the default XML listener is
shut down before RUN_ALL_TESTS is invoked.

◆ testTimestampValue()

def gtest_xml_output_unittest.GTestXMLOutputUnitTest.testTimestampValue (   self)
Checks whether the timestamp attribute in the XML output is valid.

Runs a test program that generates an empty XML output, and checks if
the timestamp attribute in the testsuites tag is valid.

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