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gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def AssertSetEqual (self, lhs, rhs)
def AssertPartitionIsValid (self, set_var, list_of_sets)
def AdjustForParameterizedTests (self, tests_to_run)
def RunAndVerify (self, gtest_filter, tests_to_run)
def RunAndVerifyWithSharding (self, gtest_filter, total_shards, tests_to_run, args=None, check_exit_0=False)
def RunAndVerifyAllowingDisabled (self, gtest_filter, tests_to_run)
def setUp (self)
def testDefaultBehavior (self)
def testDefaultBehaviorWithShards (self)
def testEmptyFilter (self)
def testBadFilter (self)
def testFullName (self)
def testUniversalFilters (self)
def testFilterByTestCase (self)
def testFilterByTest (self)
def testFilterDisabledTests (self)
def testWildcardInTestCaseName (self)
def testWildcardInTestName (self)
def testFilterWithoutDot (self)
def testTwoPatterns (self)
def testThreePatterns (self)
def testNegativeFilters (self)
def testFlagOverridesEnvVar (self)
def testShardStatusFileIsCreated (self)
def testShardStatusFileIsCreatedWithListTests (self)
def testShardingWorksWithDeathTests (self)

Detailed Description

Tests the env variable or the command line flag to filter tests.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AdjustForParameterizedTests()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.AdjustForParameterizedTests (   self,
Adjust tests_to_run in case value parameterized tests are disabled.

◆ AssertPartitionIsValid()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.AssertPartitionIsValid (   self,
Asserts that list_of_sets is a valid partition of set_var.

◆ AssertSetEqual()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.AssertSetEqual (   self,
Asserts that two sets are equal.

◆ RunAndVerify()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.RunAndVerify (   self,
Checks that the binary runs correct set of tests for a given filter.

◆ RunAndVerifyAllowingDisabled()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.RunAndVerifyAllowingDisabled (   self,
Checks that the binary runs correct set of tests for the given filter.

Runs gtest_filter_unittest_ with the given filter, and enables
disabled tests. Verifies that the right set of tests were run.

  gtest_filter: A filter to apply to the tests.
  tests_to_run: A set of tests expected to run.

◆ RunAndVerifyWithSharding()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.RunAndVerifyWithSharding (   self,
  args = None,
  check_exit_0 = False 
Checks that binary runs correct tests for the given filter and shard.

Runs all shards of gtest_filter_unittest_ with the given filter, and
verifies that the right set of tests were run. The union of tests run
on each shard should be identical to tests_to_run, without duplicates.

  gtest_filter: A filter to apply to the tests.
  total_shards: A total number of shards to split test run into.
  tests_to_run: A set of tests expected to run.
  args   :      Arguments to pass to the to the test binary.
  check_exit_0: When set to a true value, make sure that all shards
            return 0.

◆ setUp()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.setUp (   self)
Sets up test case.

Determines whether value-parameterized tests are enabled in the binary and
sets the flags accordingly.

◆ testBadFilter()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testBadFilter (   self)
Tests a filter that matches nothing.

◆ testDefaultBehavior()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testDefaultBehavior (   self)
Tests the behavior of not specifying the filter.

◆ testDefaultBehaviorWithShards()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testDefaultBehaviorWithShards (   self)
Tests the behavior without the filter, with sharding enabled.

◆ testEmptyFilter()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testEmptyFilter (   self)
Tests an empty filter.

◆ testFilterByTest()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFilterByTest (   self)
Tests filtering by test name.

◆ testFilterByTestCase()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFilterByTestCase (   self)
Tests filtering by test case name.

◆ testFilterDisabledTests()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFilterDisabledTests (   self)
Select only the disabled tests to run.

◆ testFilterWithoutDot()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFilterWithoutDot (   self)
Tests a filter that has no '.' in it.

◆ testFlagOverridesEnvVar()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFlagOverridesEnvVar (   self)
Tests that the filter flag overrides the filtering env. variable.

◆ testFullName()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testFullName (   self)
Tests filtering by full name.

◆ testNegativeFilters()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testNegativeFilters (   self)

◆ testShardingWorksWithDeathTests()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testShardingWorksWithDeathTests (   self)
Tests integration with death tests and sharding.

◆ testShardStatusFileIsCreated()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testShardStatusFileIsCreated (   self)
Tests that the shard file is created if specified in the environment.

◆ testShardStatusFileIsCreatedWithListTests()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testShardStatusFileIsCreatedWithListTests (   self)
Tests that the shard file is created with the "list_tests" flag.

◆ testThreePatterns()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testThreePatterns (   self)
Tests filters that consist of three patterns.

◆ testTwoPatterns()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testTwoPatterns (   self)
Tests filters that consist of two patterns.

◆ testUniversalFilters()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testUniversalFilters (   self)
Tests filters that match everything.

◆ testWildcardInTestCaseName()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testWildcardInTestCaseName (   self)
Tests using wildcard in the test case name.

◆ testWildcardInTestName()

def gtest_filter_unittest.GTestFilterUnitTest.testWildcardInTestName (   self)
Tests using wildcard in the test name.

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