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alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void SetUp () override
 Setup before each test case. More...
void TearDown () override
 Teardown after each test case. More...

Protected Member Functions

void setupDatabase ()
 Utility method to create and validate a fresh database. More...
void closeAndDeleteDB ()
 Cleanup function to close. More...

Protected Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStoragem_db
 The database instance used for the tests. More...

Detailed Description

Test harness for SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorage.

Member Function Documentation

◆ closeAndDeleteDB()

void alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest::closeAndDeleteDB ( )

Cleanup function to close.

◆ SetUp()

void alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest::SetUp ( )

Setup before each test case.

Initialize Global ConfigurationNode with valid value.

◆ setupDatabase()

void alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest::setupDatabase ( )

Utility method to create and validate a fresh database.

◆ TearDown()

void alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest::TearDown ( )

Teardown after each test case.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_db

std::unique_ptr<SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorage> alexaClientSDK::capabilitiesDelegate::storage::test::SQLiteCapabilitiesDelegateStorageTest::m_db

The database instance used for the tests.

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