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alexaClientSDK::acsdkEqualizerInterfaces::test::EqualizerStorageInterfaceTest Class Reference

#include <EqualizerStorageInterfaceTest.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetUp () override
 SetUp before each test case. More...

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< acsdkEqualizerInterfaces::EqualizerStorageInterfacem_storage = nullptr

Detailed Description

EqualizerStorageInterface tests.

Usage: Go to the folder with the tests for your component. Append additional parameter "SDKInterfacesTests" (with quotes) to "discover_unit_tests()" CMake directive in CMakeLists.txt file. In *Test.cpp file in a global scope add the following line: INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(<TestSequenceName>, EqualizerStorageInterfaceTest, ::testing::Values(<FactoryList>)); Where: <TestSequenceName> is a test group's name you want to use. Without quotes. Example: MyEQTests <FactoryList> is a comma-separated list of EqualizerStorageInterfaceFactory instances, one for each implementation you want to test.

See example in EqualizerImplementations/test/MiscDBEqualizerStorageTest.cpp

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetUp()

void alexaClientSDK::acsdkEqualizerInterfaces::test::EqualizerStorageInterfaceTest::SetUp ( )

SetUp before each test case.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_storage

std::shared_ptr<acsdkEqualizerInterfaces::EqualizerStorageInterface> alexaClientSDK::acsdkEqualizerInterfaces::test::EqualizerStorageInterfaceTest::m_storage = nullptr

Instance of the EqualizerStorageInterface being tested.

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