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A cross-platform, modular SDK for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service
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alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink Class Reference

#include <ResponseSink.h>

Public Member Functions

 ResponseSink (const std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::DavsRequest > &request, const std::string &workingDirectory)
virtual ~ResponseSink ()=default
std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::VendableArtifactgetArtifact ()
std::string getArtifactPath ()
bool onHeader (const std::string &header)
bool parser (std::shared_ptr< DownloadChunkQueue > &downloadChunkQueue)

Detailed Description

Handle Multipart DAVS Responses.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ResponseSink()

alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::ResponseSink ( const std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::DavsRequest > &  request,
const std::string &  workingDirectory 


◆ ~ResponseSink()

virtual alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::~ResponseSink ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ getArtifact()

std::shared_ptr<commonInterfaces::VendableArtifact> alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::getArtifact ( )

get m_artifact

NULLABLE, returns m_artifact

◆ getArtifactPath()

std::string alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::getArtifactPath ( )

get the full path to the artifact if it's downloaded properly

path to the artifact, empty if not downloaded or error

◆ onHeader()

bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::onHeader ( const std::string &  header)

When we receive a header line search for boundary. If we find the boundary set m_boundary and notify waiting threads.

headerthe header line which we search for the boundary.

◆ parser()

bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::common::ResponseSink::parser ( std::shared_ptr< DownloadChunkQueue > &  downloadChunkQueue)

Wrapper around the multipart Parser, used to set the parsers callbacks and feed it data.

downloadChunkQueuehandles streaming data chunk by chunk.
true if parsing of response succeeds

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