Alexa Auto SDK  4.3
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aace::alexa::MediaPlaybackRequestor Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void mediaPlaybackResponse (MediaPlaybackRequestStatus mediaPlaybackRequestStatus)=0
void requestMediaPlayback (InvocationReason invocationReason=InvocationReason::AUTOMOTIVE_STARTUP, long long int elapsedBootTime=0)

Detailed Description

MediaPlaybackRequestor platform interface should be extended and registered into the Alexa Engine. This class is used to send an event to AVS when client is expected to automatically resume the last playing media. Alexa can use this event to push the last playing media on the device.

Member Function Documentation

◆ mediaPlaybackResponse()

virtual void aace::alexa::MediaPlaybackRequestor::mediaPlaybackResponse ( MediaPlaybackRequestStatus  mediaPlaybackRequestStatus)
pure virtual

Notifies the platform implementation of the delivery status of requestMediaPlayback.

◆ requestMediaPlayback()

void aace::alexa::MediaPlaybackRequestor::requestMediaPlayback ( InvocationReason  invocationReason = InvocationReason::AUTOMOTIVE_STARTUP,
long long int  elapsedBootTime = 0 

Platform implementation is expected to call this method whenever Alexa is the right source for the media resume. Automatic media resume is supported only within the threashold duration to avoid sudden surprise music playback to driver while driving.

: Please refer the README file to know more about the threashold and its configuration.


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