Alexa Auto SDK  4.3
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aace::alexa::AudioPlayerEngineInterface Class Referenceabstract

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virtual int64_t onGetPlayerPosition ()=0
virtual int64_t onGetPlayerDuration ()=0
virtual void onSetAsForegroundActivity ()=0

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◆ onGetPlayerPosition()

virtual int64_t aace::alexa::AudioPlayerEngineInterface::onGetPlayerPosition ( )
pure virtual

Returns the current playback position of the audio player. If the audio source is not playing, the most recent position played should be returned.

The audio player's playback position in milliseconds, or TIME_UNKNOWN if the current media position is unknown or invalid.

◆ onGetPlayerDuration()

virtual int64_t aace::alexa::AudioPlayerEngineInterface::onGetPlayerDuration ( )
pure virtual

Returns the playback duration of the audio player.

The audio player's playback duration in milliseconds, or TIME_UNKNOWN if the duration is unknown or invalid.

◆ onSetAsForegroundActivity()

virtual void aace::alexa::AudioPlayerEngineInterface::onSetAsForegroundActivity ( )
pure virtual

Sets the Alexa AudioPlayer interface as the active player the user sees on screen. This function is useful for scenarios in which the user most recently played a different Alexa-aware ExternalMediaPlayer media source, such as a deep-linked media app or a local media source, and then manually returned the head unit visual focus to the Alexa AudioPlayer GUI. Calling this function ensures the next VUI command or GUI interaction with the playback control buttons acts on the AudioPlayer source rather than the more recently played ExternalMediaPlayer source.

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