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gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def RunAndVerify (self, env_var_value, flag_value, expect_seg_fault)
def testDefaultBehavior (self)
def testEnvVar (self)
def testFlag (self)
def testFlagOverridesEnvVar (self)
def testBreakOnFailureOverridesThrowOnFailure (self)
def testCatchExceptionsDoesNotInterfere (self)

Detailed Description

Tests using the GTEST_BREAK_ON_FAILURE environment variable or
the --gtest_break_on_failure flag to turn assertion failures into
segmentation faults.

Member Function Documentation

◆ RunAndVerify()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.RunAndVerify (   self,
Runs gtest_break_on_failure_unittest_ and verifies that it does
(or does not) have a seg-fault.

  env_var_value:    value of the GTEST_BREAK_ON_FAILURE environment
                variable; None if the variable should be unset.
  flag_value:       value of the --gtest_break_on_failure flag;
                None if the flag should not be present.
  expect_seg_fault: 1 if the program is expected to generate a seg-fault;
                0 otherwise.

◆ testBreakOnFailureOverridesThrowOnFailure()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testBreakOnFailureOverridesThrowOnFailure (   self)
Tests that gtest_break_on_failure overrides gtest_throw_on_failure.

◆ testCatchExceptionsDoesNotInterfere()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testCatchExceptionsDoesNotInterfere (   self)
Tests that gtest_catch_exceptions doesn't interfere.

◆ testDefaultBehavior()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testDefaultBehavior (   self)
Tests the behavior of the default mode.

◆ testEnvVar()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testEnvVar (   self)
Tests using the GTEST_BREAK_ON_FAILURE environment variable.

◆ testFlag()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testFlag (   self)
Tests using the --gtest_break_on_failure flag.

◆ testFlagOverridesEnvVar()

def gtest_break_on_failure_unittest.GTestBreakOnFailureUnitTest.testFlagOverridesEnvVar (   self)
Tests that the flag overrides the environment variable.

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