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alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler Class Reference

#include <TestDirectiveHandler.h>

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class  DirectiveParams

Public Member Functions

 TestDirectiveHandler (avsCommon::avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration config)
void handleDirectiveImmediately (std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective > directive) override
void preHandleDirective (std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective > directive, std::unique_ptr< avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerResultInterface > result) override
bool handleDirective (const std::string &messageId) override
void cancelDirective (const std::string &messageId) override
avsCommon::avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration getConfiguration () const override
void onDeregistered () override
DirectiveParams waitForNext (const std::chrono::seconds duration)
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerInterface
virtual ~DirectiveHandlerInterface ()=default
virtual void handleDirectiveImmediately (std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective > directive)=0
virtual void preHandleDirective (std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective > directive, std::unique_ptr< DirectiveHandlerResultInterface > result)=0

Detailed Description

TestDirectiveHandler is a mock of the DirectiveHandlerInterface and allows tests to wait for invocations upon those interfaces and inspect the parameters of those invocations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TestDirectiveHandler()

alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::TestDirectiveHandler ( avsCommon::avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration  config)


configThe avsCommon::avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration for the directive handler for registering with a directive sequencer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cancelDirective()

void alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::cancelDirective ( const std::string &  messageId)

Cancel an ongoing preHandleDirective() or handleDirective() operation for the specified AVSDirective. Once this has been called the DirectiveHandler should not expect to receive further calls regarding this directive.

The implementation of this method MUST be thread-safe.
The implementation of this method MUST return quickly. Failure to do so blocks the processing of subsequent AVSDirectives.
messageIdThe message ID of a directive previously passed to preHandleDirective().

Implements alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerInterface.

◆ getConfiguration()

avsCommon::avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::getConfiguration ( ) const

Returns the configuration of the directive handler.

The configuration consists of multiple directive routing rules and their respective blocking policy. The directives will be matched from the most specific rule (with all fields defined) to the least specific rule (which only matches the directive endpointId).

The avs::DirectiveHandlerConfiguration of the handler.

Implements alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerInterface.

◆ handleDirective()

bool alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::handleDirective ( const std::string &  messageId)

Handle the action specified by the directive identified by messageId. The handling of subsequent directives with the same DialogRequestId may be blocked until the DirectiveHandler calls the setSucceeded() method of the DirectiveHandlingResult instance passed in to the preHandleDirective() call for the directive specified by messageId. If handling of this directive fails such that subsequent directives with the same DialogRequestId should be cancelled, this DirectiveHandler should instead call setFailed() to indicate a failure.

If this operation fails, an ExceptionEncountered message should be sent to AVS.
The implementation of this method MUST be thread-safe.
The implementation of this method MUST return quickly. Failure to do so blocks the processing of subsequent AVSDirectives.
messageIdThe message ID of a directive previously passed to preHandleDirective().
false when messageId is not recognized, else true. Any errors related to handling of a valid messageId should be reported using DirectiveHandlerResultInterface::setFailed().

Implements alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerInterface.

◆ handleDirectiveImmediately()

void alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::handleDirectiveImmediately ( std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective directive)

◆ onDeregistered()

void alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::onDeregistered ( )

Notification that this handler has been de-registered and will not receive any more calls.

Implements alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerInterface.

◆ preHandleDirective()

void alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::preHandleDirective ( std::shared_ptr< avsCommon::avs::AVSDirective directive,
std::unique_ptr< avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::DirectiveHandlerResultInterface result 

◆ waitForNext()

TestDirectiveHandler::DirectiveParams alexaClientSDK::integration::test::TestDirectiveHandler::waitForNext ( const std::chrono::seconds  duration)

Function to retrieve the next DirectiveParams in the test queue or time out if the queue is empty. Takes a duration in seconds to wait before timing out.

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