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alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::mrm::test::WaitableExceptionEncounteredSender Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void sendExceptionEncountered (const std::string &unparsedDirective, avsCommon::avs::ExceptionErrorType error, const std::string &message) override
bool wait (const std::chrono::milliseconds timeout)
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virtual ~ExceptionEncounteredSenderInterface ()=default

Detailed Description

WaitableExceptionEncounteredSender is a mock of the ExceptionEncounteredSenderInterface and allows tests to wait for invocations upon those interfaces and inspect the parameters of those invocations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ sendExceptionEncountered()

void alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::mrm::test::WaitableExceptionEncounteredSender::sendExceptionEncountered ( const std::string &  unparsedDirective,
avsCommon::avs::ExceptionErrorType  error,
const std::string &  errorDescription 

Send a System::ExceptionEncountered message to AVS.

The implementation of this method MUST return quickly. Failure to do so blocks the processing of subsequent AVSDirectives.
unparsedDirectiveThe unparsed JSON of the directive.
errorThe type of error encountered.
errorDescriptionAdditional error details for logging and troubleshooting.

Implements alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::sdkInterfaces::ExceptionEncounteredSenderInterface.

◆ wait()

bool alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::mrm::test::WaitableExceptionEncounteredSender::wait ( const std::chrono::milliseconds  timeout)

Allows the caller to wait until an exception has been sent, up to a maximum timeout. Also returns true if an exception has been previously sent which was not waited upon.

Whether the exception was sent within the specified timeout, or if an exception has been previously sent, which was not waited upon.

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