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alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject Class Reference

#include <MockAndroidSLESObject.h>

Public Member Functions

void mockRealize (bool succeed=true)
void mockGetInterface (SLInterfaceID id, std::shared_ptr< MockInterface > object)
SLObjectItf getObject ()
 MockAndroidSLESObject ()
 ~MockAndroidSLESObject ()

Detailed Description

This class will be used to mock SLObjectItf.

Note that for this we create a real structure and set their function pointers to point to mock methods.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MockAndroidSLESObject()

alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject::MockAndroidSLESObject ( )


◆ ~MockAndroidSLESObject()

alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject::~MockAndroidSLESObject ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ getObject()

SLObjectItf alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject::getObject ( )

Gets the underlying object.

The underlying open sl object.

◆ mockGetInterface()

void alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject::mockGetInterface ( SLInterfaceID  id,
std::shared_ptr< MockInterface object 

Mock get interface for the given ID.

idThe interface id.
objectThe mock interface that will be returned.

◆ mockRealize()

void alexaClientSDK::applicationUtilities::androidUtilities::test::MockAndroidSLESObject::mockRealize ( bool  succeed = true)

Mock the realize method to either succeed or fail. By default, this mock object realize call will succeed.

succeedtrue if the mocked method should succeed, false otherwise.

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