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alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 AudioActivityTrackerTest ()
void SetUp () override
void TearDown () override
void verifyState (const std::string &providedState, const std::vector< Channel::State > &channels)
void provideUpdate (const std::vector< Channel::State > &channels)
SetStateResult wakeOnSetState ()

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< AudioActivityTrackerm_audioActivityTracker
 AudioActivityTracker to test More...
std::shared_ptr< MockContextManagerm_mockContextManager
 ContextManager to provide state and update state. More...
std::shared_ptr< Channelm_dialogChannel
 A dialogChannel used for testing. More...
std::shared_ptr< Channelm_contentChannel
 A contentChannel used for testing. More...
std::promise< void > m_wakeSetStatePromise
 Promise to be fulfilled when setState is called. More...
std::future< void > m_wakeSetStateFuture
 Future to notify when setState is called. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AudioActivityTrackerTest()

alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::AudioActivityTrackerTest ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ provideUpdate()

void alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::provideUpdate ( const std::vector< Channel::State > &  channels)

A helper function to verify the context provided by the AudioActivityTracker matches the set the channels notified via notifyOfActivityUpdates().

channelsThe set of channels that's passed into the AudioActivityTracker

◆ SetUp()

void alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::SetUp ( )

◆ TearDown()

void alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::TearDown ( )

◆ verifyState()

void alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::verifyState ( const std::string &  providedState,
const std::vector< Channel::State > &  channels 

Verify that the provided state matches the expected state

jsonStateThe state to verify
channelsThe set of channels that's passed into the AudioActivityTracker

◆ wakeOnSetState()

SetStateResult alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::wakeOnSetState ( )

This is invoked in response to a setState call.


Member Data Documentation

◆ m_audioActivityTracker

std::shared_ptr<AudioActivityTracker> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_audioActivityTracker

◆ m_contentChannel

std::shared_ptr<Channel> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_contentChannel

A contentChannel used for testing.

◆ m_dialogChannel

std::shared_ptr<Channel> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_dialogChannel

A dialogChannel used for testing.

◆ m_mockContextManager

std::shared_ptr<MockContextManager> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_mockContextManager

ContextManager to provide state and update state.

◆ m_wakeSetStateFuture

std::future<void> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_wakeSetStateFuture

Future to notify when setState is called.

◆ m_wakeSetStatePromise

std::promise<void> alexaClientSDK::afml::test::AudioActivityTrackerTest::m_wakeSetStatePromise

Promise to be fulfilled when setState is called.

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