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alexaClientSDK::afml::interruptModel::InterruptModelConfiguration Class Reference

#include <InterruptModelConfiguration.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static interruptmodel_EXPORT std::unique_ptr< std::istream > getConfig (bool supportsDucking=true)

Static Public Attributes

static interruptmodel_EXPORT std::string configurationJsonSupportsDucking
static interruptmodel_EXPORT std::string configurationJsonDuckingNotSupported

Detailed Description

This class contains the interrupt model configuration for the device. It contains channel priorities as well as the interrupt model for interactions between these channels. clients may also add their own virtual channels at a configurable priority and define the interactions of these virtual channels with other channels by extending the interrupt model.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConfig()

static interruptmodel_EXPORT std::unique_ptr<std::istream> alexaClientSDK::afml::interruptModel::InterruptModelConfiguration::getConfig ( bool  supportsDucking = true)

API that allows the clientApplication to accept the interrupt model configuration during construction/initialization

supportsDuckingoptional : flag to indicate if the platform is capable of supporting ducking
istream containing the configuration Json to be used by SampleApp

Member Data Documentation

◆ configurationJsonDuckingNotSupported

interruptmodel_EXPORT std::string alexaClientSDK::afml::interruptModel::InterruptModelConfiguration::configurationJsonDuckingNotSupported

String that contains the interrupt Model configuration for platforms that don't support ducking

◆ configurationJsonSupportsDucking

interruptmodel_EXPORT std::string alexaClientSDK::afml::interruptModel::InterruptModelConfiguration::configurationJsonSupportsDucking

String that contains the interrupt Model configuration for platforms that support ducking

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