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alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory Class Referenceabstract

#include <GenericInventory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~GenericInventory () override
const char * getName () const
std::shared_ptr< clientInterfaces::ArtifactWrapperInterfaceprepareForSettingChange (const SettingsMap &newSettings)
bool commitChange ()
void cancelChange ()
std::string getArtifactPath ()
void setCurrentActivePriority (commonInterfaces::Priority priority)
bool isSettingReady (const SettingsMap &setting)
- Public Member Functions inherited from alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::clientInterfaces::ArtifactUpdateValidator
virtual ~ArtifactUpdateValidator ()=default

Protected Member Functions

 GenericInventory (std::string name, std::shared_ptr< clientInterfaces::ArtifactWrapperFactoryInterface > artifactWrapperFactory)
virtual std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::ArtifactRequestcreateRequest (const SettingsMap &settings)=0
virtual bool applyChangesLocked (const std::string &path)=0
void cancelChangeLocked ()

ArtifactUpdateValidator method

bool validateUpdate (const std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::ArtifactRequest > &request, const std::string &newPath) override

Detailed Description

A general inventory manager class that is responsible for managing a list of artifacts and maintaining an active artifact. This manager will respond to setting changes by downloading an artifact if one does not exist for the required settings or by preparing one that already exists on the system. This manager will determine the artifact identity based on the request created.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~GenericInventory()

alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::~GenericInventory ( )

◆ GenericInventory()

alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::GenericInventory ( std::string  name,
std::shared_ptr< clientInterfaces::ArtifactWrapperFactoryInterface artifactWrapperFactory 


name- name for the generic inventory
artifactWrapperFactory- factory for creating artifact

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyChangesLocked()

virtual bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::applyChangesLocked ( const std::string &  path)
protectedpure virtual

A method that attempts to make use of the new artifact to ensure that it is usable.

pathto the new artifact that just got downloaded or updated.
true if the artifact is valid and should be used, false otherwise.

◆ cancelChange()

void alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::cancelChange ( )

Will cancel the changes for the new settings that were requested. This cancels any pending download if requested.

◆ cancelChangeLocked()

void alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::cancelChangeLocked ( )

Internal call for cancelChange.

◆ commitChange()

bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::commitChange ( )

Will apply the changes for the new settings after preparations have been completed.

This must only be called after prepareForSettingChange has been called and the returned artifact has been confirmed. Failing to do so will prevent the settings from being applied.
weather the commit was successful.

◆ createRequest()

virtual std::shared_ptr<commonInterfaces::ArtifactRequest> alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::createRequest ( const SettingsMap settings)
protectedpure virtual

A method that will be responsible for creating an Artifact Request based on the provided settings.

settingsused to create the request.
NULLABLE, new request based on the provided settings.

◆ getArtifactPath()

std::string alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::getArtifactPath ( )
the path of the current active artifact on disk.

◆ getName()

const char* alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::getName ( ) const

◆ isSettingReady()

bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::isSettingReady ( const SettingsMap setting)

Checks to see if an artifact for the provided setting is already available.

◆ prepareForSettingChange()

std::shared_ptr<clientInterfaces::ArtifactWrapperInterface> alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::prepareForSettingChange ( const SettingsMap newSettings)

Informs the manager class before applying the settings of the new settings that are going to be active.

This should be called before commit to allow the manager to download the appropriate artifact if needed. The caller needs to check the returned artifact to ensure that it is available before committing.
newSettingsthat will be used to identify the request for the new artifact.
NULLABLE, a pointer to the artifact that is represented by the new settings which can be used to query its state.

◆ setCurrentActivePriority()

void alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::setCurrentActivePriority ( commonInterfaces::Priority  priority)

Overrides the current active artifact priority if one exists.

◆ validateUpdate()

bool alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::client::GenericInventory::validateUpdate ( const std::shared_ptr< commonInterfaces::ArtifactRequest > &  request,
const std::string &  newPath 

Providing a new path, check to see if the content of the update is valid and usable.

newPathof the potential updated artifact.
true if valid, false otherwise.

Implements alexaClientSDK::acsdkAssets::clientInterfaces::ArtifactUpdateValidator.

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