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UserInactivityMonitor.cpp File Reference
#include "System/UserInactivityMonitor.h"
#include <functional>
#include <rapidjson/document.h>
#include <rapidjson/pointer.h>
#include <rapidjson/stringbuffer.h>
#include <rapidjson/writer.h>
#include <AVSCommon/Utils/JSON/JSONUtils.h>
Include dependency graph for UserInactivityMonitor.cpp:


 Whether or not curl logs should be emitted.


#define LX(event)   alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::utils::logger::LogEntry(TAG, event)


static const std::string alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::TAG ("UserInactivityMonitor")
 String to identify log entries originating from this file. More...


static const int alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::SECONDS_IN_HOUR = 3600
 Number of seconds in one hour. More...
static const std::string alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::USER_INACTIVITY_MONITOR_NAMESPACE = "System"
 String to identify the AVS namespace of the event we send. More...
static const std::string alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::INACTIVITY_EVENT_NAME = "UserInactivityReport"
 String to identify the AVS name of the event we send. More...
static const std::string alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::INACTIVITY_EVENT_PAYLOAD_KEY = "inactiveTimeInSeconds"
 String to identify the key of the payload associated to the inactivity. More...
static const std::string alexaClientSDK::capabilityAgents::system::RESET_DIRECTIVE_NAME = "ResetUserInactivity"
 String to identify the AVS name of the directive we receive. More...

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◆ LX

#define LX (   event)    alexaClientSDK::avsCommon::utils::logger::LogEntry(TAG, event)

Create a LogEntry using this file's TAG and the specified event string.

Theevent string for this LogEntry.

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