AlexaClientSDK  1.25.0
A cross-platform, modular SDK for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service
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SpeechEncoderTest.cpp File Reference
#include <chrono>
#include <thread>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include <gmock/gmock.h>
#include <AVSCommon/AVS/Attachment/InProcessAttachment.h>
#include <AVSCommon/AVS/AudioInputStream.h>
#include <AVSCommon/Utils/AudioFormat.h>
#include <AVSCommon/Utils/PromiseFuturePair.h>
#include "SpeechEncoder/SpeechEncoder.h"
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class  alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::MockEncoderContext
class  alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::SpeechEncoderTest


 Whether or not curl logs should be emitted.


 alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::TEST_F (SpeechEncoderTest, testTimer_startEncoding)
 alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::TEST_F (SpeechEncoderTest, test_shutdownOnBlockingWrite)
 alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::TEST_F (SpeechEncoderTest, test_stopAndStartEncoder)


static constexpr size_t alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::FRAME_WORDSIZE = 2
 Word size per PCM frame = 2byte (16bit) More...
static constexpr int alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::NUM_AUDIO_WRITE = 100
 Number of dummy frames that will be sent to encoder. More...
static constexpr size_t alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::MOCK_ENCODER_INPUT_FRAME_SIZE = 4
 Input frame size for mock encoder. Will accept 2 frames. (2 * 2byte = 4) More...
static constexpr size_t alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::MOCK_ENCODER_OUTPUT_FRAME_SIZE = 4
 Output frame size for mock encoder. Will output 2 frames per encode. (2 * 2byte = 4) More...
static constexpr size_t alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::INPUT_WORD_COUNT = 4096
 Number of words in input stream SDS buffer (must be large enough to fill encoder's output stream) More...
static auto alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::PROCESSING_TIMEOUT = std::chrono::milliseconds(200)
 Short timeout (needs to be greater than SpeechEncoder's BLOCKING writer timeout). More...
static constexpr unsigned int alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::MAX_COMPRESSION_FACTOR = 10
 The maximum factor of compression we expect to encounter. More...
static const AudioFormat alexaClientSDK::speechencoder::test::MOCK_ENCODER_FORMAT
 Output format for mock encoder. More...

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