Alexa Auto SDK  4.3
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aace::addressBook::config::AddressBookConfiguration Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr< aace::core::config::EngineConfigurationcreateAddressBookConfig (bool cleanAllAddressBooksAtStart=true)

Detailed Description

The AddressBookConfiguration class is a factory interface for creating "aace.addressBook" configuration objects.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createAddressBookConfig()

static std::shared_ptr<aace::core::config::EngineConfiguration> aace::addressBook::config::AddressBookConfiguration::createAddressBookConfig ( bool  cleanAllAddressBooksAtStart = true)

Factory method used to programmatically generate "aace.addressBook" configuration data. The data generated by this method is equivalent to providing the following JSON values in a configuration file:

"aace.addressBook" : {
"cleanAllAddressBooksAtStart" : <true/false>
[in]cleanAllAddressBooksAtStartindicates whether to clean all address books at start. The default value is true.

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