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Alexa Auto UX Restrictions

The following list describes the purposes of this library:

  • It provides CarUxRestrictionsModule and controls CarUxRestrictionsController life cycle.
  • CarUxRestrictionsModule is responsible for broadcasting driving state changes as intents to other app components. Current usecases for this module include the APL module and the setup module.
  • It provides default implementation for CarUxRestrictionsController, which initializes Android CarUxRestrictionsManager, registers and unregisters OnUxRestrictionsChangedListener. To use the default implemetation, it requires Android car package exists on the device. OEM can also provide their own implementation for the car UX restrictions updates.

This app component requires Android API 29. To build this component with Alexa Auto App, add the -PenabledUXRestrictions to your build command:

./gradlew assembleLocalRelease -PenabledUXRestrictions

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