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Alexa Auto Template Runtime Renderer

This library houses template runtime implementations. This library is one of the subscribers for the TemplateRuntime::RenderTemplate directive. It parses the incoming directives and renders the display cards in the current voice session provided by the Alexa Voice Interaction Service (VIS).

The template is automatically dismissed 8 seconds after the voice response from Alexa is completed unless the card is interacted with, in which case the card dismissal gets extended by 8 seconds from the last interaction.

The following template runtime directives are currently supported

  • WeatherTemplate

  • BodyTemplate1

  • BodyTemplate2

  • ListTemplate1

For more details refer the automotive HMI guidelines.

Known Issues

  • The weather card is comprised of 2 screens - current weather and weather forecast. The card currently scrolls continuously which is not the correct behavior. It should be paginated.
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