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Alexa Auto Setup

The following list describes the contents of this package:

  • This package provides the UI for the setup workflow which includes login and subsequent setup steps, as well as interruption popups (listening for network status and driving state changes).
  • The UI is provided as Android Fragments along with View Models which can be used independently for building a different flavor of the UI.
  • At present, this package provides UI/ViewModel for CBL (Code Based Linking) and Preview mode authentication.

Note: For the app to work it must either be configured as a system app or app permissions need to be manually enabled by navigating to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Show All Apps > > Permissions > Enable Microphone

The setup flow in this app does satisfy CX requirements. Refer to HMI Guidelines - Setup section for guidance or work with your Amazon partner manager.


Please refer to alexa-auto-apis doc to find details on how to fetch/publish dependencies.

  • CBLLoginViewModel needs access to following implementations (interfaces for them are defined in alexa-auto-apis package):

  • AuthController: This interface provides business logic for new authentication workflow. The interface must be made available from AlexaAppRootComponent.

  • LoginUIEventListener [Optional]: This interface allows UI to let the observer know when login is finished. This event can be used by observer to progress the app UI to logged-in state. The interface should be made available through AlexaAppLoggedOutScopedComponent, that should be made available through AlexaAppRootComponent#getScopedComponents()
  • With the current implementation of the setup flow, there is a need for the developer to implement a CarUxRestrictionsController and listen for intents from in order to be notified of driving state changes. This works out of the box if the developer is also using the default alexa-auto-ux-restrictions module, however if the developer wants to roll out their own solution for listening to driving state changes, they will need to override the aforementioned interface and intent. For more details, please refer to the alexa-auto-ux-restrictions module README, and take a look at the CarUxRestrictionsModule and DefaultCarUxRestrictionsController reference implementations.

Missing Steps

  • Enable Push-to-talk permission
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