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Alexa Auto Navigation

This library serves the following purposes:

  • It handles navigation-related directives. By parsing a navigation directive and interfacing with the selected map provider, it performs the action required by the directive. The map provider used by the Alexa Auto App is Google Maps. However, you can extend the library to use other map providers. This library supports navigating to a single waypoint and canceling an ongoing navigation.

  • It handles local search template runtime directives. This library is one of the subscribers for the TemplateRuntime::RenderTemplate directive. It parses the incoming directive and renders local search cards in the current voice session provided by the Alexa Voice Interaction Service (VIS). The templates are dismissed after displayCardTTSFinishedTimeout ms. As per the automotive HMI guidelines the local search cards must be dismissed after 30 secs. Configure the value of displayCardTTSFinishedTimeout as 30000 in the Auto SDK Configuration.

        "aacs.alexa" {
           "templateRuntimeCapabilityAgent": {
                 "displayCardTTSFinishedTimeout": 30000

For more details see TemplateRuntime Interface


To see local search templates your device type needs to be navigation capable.

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